Allowing students to explore their career paths early
ignites the interest and passion needed to work harder
toward their ultimate goals.

By implementing the Rotary Student Program, your school is agreeing to designate a high school administrator to be a Rotary Student Program representative. This role includes handing out and accepting essays, as well as collecting the finished essays to submit to the Rotarian contact on the agreed-upon date.

When the final student(s) are picked, they are placed with a mentor for an afternoon or morning—requiring a school absence. This student(s) will also be required to speak at a designated Rotary meeting about their experience, requiring them to miss another afternoon of school.

Downloadable Tools:

Included in the tool package is everything you need to implement and promote the Rotary Student Program in your school:

  1. Program Steps
  2. Program Palm Card
  3. Program Flyer (11x17)
  4. Program Flyer (8.5x11)
  5. Student Application
  6. Potential Interview Questions
  7. Certificate of Completion
  8. Table Top Banner and Directions
  9. Large Banner and Directions

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