Through the Rotary Student Program, you will gain invaluable exposure to the business world by meeting one on one with successful professionals.

After your meeting, you will be invited to speak at a Rotary meeting, introduce yourself, talk about future goals, and report on what you gained from the Rotary Student Program experience. Through the process, you will gain a keen understanding of Rotary and the invaluable role that volunteering plays in your community and around the world.

How can You Prepare to get the Most Out of This Experience?

Think about your areas of interest, think about questions you may have about your career dreams, and sit down with a school counselor or parent/guardian:

  1. What are your strengths in school?
  2. Do you have any special skills or hobbies that may translate into a career?
  3. Do you enjoy working with people or prefer to work alone?
  4. Is there a profession that you have always been curious about? If so, do some research and investigate if there is a local business that you would like to visit.

How to participate:

If your school participates in the program, pick up an application in the Guidance Office. If your school does not participate, offer to help get the program started by reaching out to a Rotarian.

Downloadable Tools:

  1. Student Application
  2. Potential Interview Questions

Have further questions about the program?